It’s been our pleasure to work with numerous skilled artists. Here is a list of the artists who have helped us visually create Surviving the G.A.M.E..

Daud Shaheed Kirk

Holographic Mercenaries by Daud Shaheed Kirk

Kirk was one of the first artists we commissioned. A very creative character artist. Kirk drew and designed most of Surviving the G.A.M.E.’s obstacle characters and a few of the main characters.

Denise Roos

Widow by Denise Roos

Denise adds amazing detail to her art. I love the detail and attitude she gives to her female characters. I hope to get a chance to work with her again in the future.

Adrian Alejo

Jet Pack by Adrian Alejo

Adrian is a very versatile and skilled artist. We were able to commission him to do the initial weapons, items, and cybernetics. We were very happy with all of his work.

Ahmed Shafaq

Entrance to the G.A.M.E. by Ahmed Shafaq

Ahmed blew me away with the initial sketch for the cover art. The final rendering was just as amazing. I love how he uses lighting in his art


Ronald is a very skilled imaginative artist. We are happy to say he is currently our primary artist.

Soldier BY Ronald Risco


Space in the Station by Joakim Olofsson

Joakim is an amazing background and scenery artist.