DMD Comics Anthology

Each issue will deliver four stories. For everything, and everyone, there is a begining. In DMD Origins and DMDark Origins you will be introduced to characters of our universe as they take there first steps into fame or infamy. While DMD Origins will tell the stories of heroes and villains, DMDark will take a walk on the darker side. The stories of DMDark Origins will involve magic, horror, or something just a little darker than the norm.

The other two stories will focus on ongoing stories of characters that tread somewhere in the realms between heroes and villains.

DMD Comics Volume 1: 2020 The introduction

DMD Origins: Old Glory #1

Oba Magdy was born the son of an exscaped slave and an Egyptian “god”. When Oba’s regiment is overrun by Confederate soldiers, he finds the first gift he inherited from his father.

Power corps #1

Over a decade ago Mathew Davison made a choice that costs his friends their lives, or did it. Then he was a soldier on leave, now he is the best merc in the business. When Morissa Vargas tells him that two of his friends survived and need help, they form Power Corps to rescue them.

dmdark Origins: baptist #1

There is something malevolent in the jungles of South America. Jackson Montgomery is about to find out what that is, as you find out how he got there.

brand x #1

He just woke up with fractured memories, disfigured, and surrounded by vampires. Someone left him for dead, unfortunately for them, around here the dead do not always stay dead.