Obstacles populate the various levels of the G.A.M.E. (G.O. Tech’s Artificial Military Engagement) Facility. You must fight your way through the gauntlet of levels to find victory. 

In Surviving the G.A.M.E. you must defeat obstacles to gain victory points and money. Each time you defeat an obstacle you will place the obstacle card into your discard pile or trophy area as a reward. The ones you place in your discard pile are worth victory points and when played will generate creds, the currency of the game. As you advance through the levels, the danger and rewards increase.


After exiting the Barracks you will enter Level 1 where you will collect trophies. These obstacles are to prepare you for the dangers to come. While here, you have time to improve your deck or retreat from the dangers of the higher levels. As you defeat these obstacles set them aside in your trophy space near your play area.


The obstacles beyond level 1 are rewards and creds cards. When you defeat these obstacles they will go in your spent/discard pile. Each of these obstacles have a monetary and victory point value. You may play them, as the game continues, to generate creds. At the end of the game you will count the total of all accumulated victory points on these cards if necessary.


On level 3 the rooms themselves will become your enemies. After the room makes an initial assault against you, you will get a chance to shut down the room by hitting the shielded kill switch on the farside of the room. Each room will give you options to shut it down and avoid the dangers. If you can not meet the prerequisites, you will take the printed damage and any ill effects listed under “Room”.


Beyond the general obstacles you will also face traps. The traps will force you to change levels involuntarily. If you find yourself without flight, you will be lifted, slid, or dropped to a new level where you will have to face an obstacle.