DMDouble Comics

Welcome to the DMD universe.

The origins of the DMDU begins in a time beyond human reckoning and a place beyond human scope. On a distant planet a war of magic and technology was fought between two groups, the Elys and the Nastrond. A war that found its way here. After centuries of skirmishes on our world they formed a truce. With the truce these creatures faded into our legends, fantasies, and myths.

The rules to their truce were simple. Neither side can tell humans of their existence, they can not adversely affect the human race, and finally they can not guide or protect humans from themselves.

Overtime they integrated into our society. Creating secret societies that influenced our world from the shadows. Over the centuries both sides gathered large amounts of wealth and power. The three fates have told of a time when this truce will end. When the creatures of myth will step out from the shadows into the light. Among the Elys and the Nastrond this day is known as Ragnarok.


Not long ago Bio-genes, beings with greater than human abilities and or gifts due to birth (natural), experiments (mod), accidents (mod), or being from another planet (alien), began to appear across the world. Soon came the heroes and of course the villains. Down through the centuries humans have given a designation to the various periods of time, the Age of Dragons, the Age of Magic, the Age of Gods, the Age of Men, and now, The Age of Heroes.

DMD Comics Volume 1 2020 The Introduction

Our first issue just funded on Kickstarter in August 2022. We expect it to be available Early 2023.