KICKSTARTER Relaunch of Surviving the G.A.M.E.

We will be relaunching our Kicstarter when we have an acceptable number of followers. Click the link above to view and  follow the preview page. We have also started shipping new demo copies out to content creators. You should see new reviews and previews in the coming months. We feel that we did not previously build a large enough audience in the past before our launch. I hope you choose to make your way into the G.A.M.E. (G.o. tech’s Artificial Military Engagement facility.)

The Hungry Gamer

* A fun deck builder that nails its theme
* Does not reinvent the genre, but utilizes expected mechanics well, and adds a few fun twists.
* Solid art work, and refreshing diversity for characters
* A very worth entry into the genre, with a unique theme

Watch his video review and or read his full written review.